My inspirers ….

The Nations have always been of great interest to me (not the “Indians” of Hollywood design).  The culture, spirituality, and heritage of North America’s indigenous people have had the center of my attention for as long as I can remember.

Helen Hunt Jackson

Deep inspiration for my studies and writing came from the work and pen of Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885).  Helen’s writing ability touched the genres of prose, history-based fiction, nonfiction, and articles.  But her specific nonfiction work which drew me in was Century of Dishonor: A Sketch of the United States Government’s Dealings With Some of the Indian Tribes (1881).  With that masterpiece, Helen detailed the government’s destructive impact on The Nations.

Mari Sandoz

Mari Sandoz (1896-1966) wrote Cheyenne Autumn, history-based fiction, in 1953.  Her book touched my heart unlike any other secular book I’ve read.  It also inspired Hollywood Director John Ford’s 1953 film, “Cheyenne Autumn,” starring Richard Widmark.


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