Agenda 21, Segregation, Reservations

Earlier this month, Navi Pillay, the United Nation’s Human Rights Chief, called for a United Nations investigation on the death of a Black 17-year-old young man in Sanford, Florida. If you missed that news item, here is a link to one of the numerous media reports:


I am not aware – yet – of the United Nations or Congress or the President calling for investigation(s) into thousands of assaults and murders of non-Blacks. Hundreds have taken place in California, Baltimore (MD), Chicago, Washington D.C., etc., just within the last four months. The latest incident involves Matthew Owens in Alabama, who was beaten by a mob of Blacks declaring it was payback for Trayvon Williams.

Today, a friend brought to my attention yet another United Nations investigation. This one involves indigenous people living in the Republic of the United States of America (USA). One of the several news articles about this latest investigation is here:

Untold numbers of us are sadly aware of the work by globalization strategists since the 1800’s. The strategists’ efforts have ratcheted up – particularly within the USA during the past two decades, and with full support by all political parties and with our tax dollars. That work includes the United Nations’ Agenda 21. Equally unsettling has been this Republic’s relinquishment to the United Nations oversight of our National Parks, as well as USA military troops, wearing United Nations insignia.

Do I want the inexcusable, sickening situations on Indian reservations eliminated in this country, as well as the rest of the Western Hemisphere? Absolutely. My writing and presentations do nothing, if not clarify my stand on this matter. But, I want to see each country appropriately tending to its business, straightening out its messes, through legal methods dictated by their countries’ national constitutions. Canada has been doing so with regard to its disastrous actions in the area of Indian education. In the USA, the recent Cobell lawsuit settlement was a step in the right direction for the government to account for some of the monies stolen from indigenous people.

I do not want our our indigenous people, or any other citizen of the USA, to be unaware of the segregation plans of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and by other international globalization strategists. As Jewish people in the 1900’s were segregated into “ghettos,” the segregated communities being planned for the USA by the United Nations’ Agenda 21 are pleasantly referred to as “star communities.” Several other countries have also signed on to help incorporate Agenda 21, including China and Russia. Mainstream media reported last year on the “self sustaining cities” being built in China where millions of unsuspecting citizens will be re-planted. Similar reports emerged in 2010 about Russia’s twenty planned areas for the relocation of many of its 141 million citizens. This news article is self-explanatory:

Yes, the situation for many indigenous people who continue living on Indian reservations in the USA and elsewhere in the Western Hesmisphere is terrible. It is inexcusable that we in the USA have permitted out-of-control spending by politicians in Congress and the government, leaving us with a current national debt of $16 Trillion! Meanwhile, we funnel millions of tax dollars to countries who use the money more as welfare, rather than building up of their economic status, health care programs, etc. And millions more dollars are sent to organizations and countries who support terrorism – such as Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood who were given $1.5 Billion of our tax dollars this month. Perhaps I’m being too tough, since the State Department has announced that the USA’s war on terrorism is over. What? 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The debt we owe to this country’s indigenous people can never be fully repaid. But, as Helen Hunt Jackson told Congress in 1885, each generation must do as much as it can to help this country’s indigenous people. Helen reminded Congress, “There is but one hope of righting this wrong. It lies in appeal to the heart and the conscience of the American people.” The Cobell law suit settlement was a start. Mitigation of the awful circumstances on Indian reservations is yet another matter which cries out for swift rectification.

But not by the United Nations which is working toward Agenda 21 goals for leading countries like ours. Become aware of Agenda 21:



  1. Neal Thomas Said:

    Excellent post Shirl! I posted something simliar on Gaspee a while back. Forum for the Future is a 501c3 in the UK that is “working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future” And guess who is funding their USA operation…Soro’s Tides Foundation! A planned-opolis comes complete with:

    Mega-Computers and Robots that control everything…

    Daily Calorie Cards…meat only on your birthday

    Allocated schools….

    Cars only if you are wealthy….

    And the cherry on top: Cry Freedom Ghettos!

    Video only 4 minutes…enjoy a glimpse of our future!
    Tides funding link

  2. vehoae Said:

    Neal, I really appreciate your followup info on the U.K. I totally missed that post on the Gaspee G. “Planned-opolis”. Isn’t that another pleasant sounding term for a reservation or ghetto! You and I know that what we are seeing from globalization strategists today (including Soros types) is a re-make of what was (and has been) done to our indigenous people since the late 1700’s. This is what the current globalization strategists in control of this country are offering Native American Indians in exchange for support at the polls. What a horrendous swap.

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