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BIA Comm. Wm. Medill: The Choctaw Nation

William Medill, BIA Comm.

Wm. Medill, BIA Commissioner, 1845-1850

The following observation about the Choctaw Nation was made by William Medill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in his 1847 Annual Report:

“They [the Choctaws] had severed their connexion with the general government as wards, and voluntarily placed themselves under the legislative control of the States.  Their situation was, however, an unhappy one.  In the midst of, and far inferior to, an increasing white population, they could not prosper, but on the contrary, must decline and eventually become outcasts if they remained where they were.  They also were an incubus upon the improvement and prosperity of the sections of country where they resided, and the State of Mississippi, especially within whose limits the great body of them were, was anxious to be relieved from their presence.”

(Source: Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1847, Commissioner William Medill, 30 November 1847, New York: AMS Press, Inc., 1976.)

NOTE:  Definition of “incubus” — a demon; an evil spirit, supposed to lie upon persons in their sleep, and especially to have sexual intercourse with women by night.

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