Karen Bays – Review of Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia

Karen Bays

Karen Bays, County Coordinator, OK Pioneer Library System

“In this well-researched text, vehoae adeptly illuminates the attitudes of high-handed arrogance and condescension typical of Anglo-Europeans’ dealings with The Nations from the early history of the United States to the twentieth century.  I have the highest confidence in the author’s scholarship, having, as a librarian, witnessed firsthand the thoroughness of her research and her persistence in following leads back to primary source material.  Indeed, the author leaves no stone unturned in her search for the truth, no matter how repugnant and embarrassing.
I was particularly struck by her thorough and disturbing account of the use of “religion” and “education” to attempt to mold indigenous people into a form more palatable to the dominant white culture.  This book will stand as a strong witness to the unsanitized reality of where we have been.  Truth-tellers like vehoae teach us that in confronting the truth of our past, we can hope to avoid repeating our past mistakes.  vehoae’s careful documentation and meticulous endnotes blaze a trail for future scholars to continue her research.”
Karen Bays
County Coordinator, Pioneer Library System;
Branch Manager, Shawnee Public Library

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