Kitty Pittman – Review of Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia

“Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia is a well researched reminder that history has two sides.  Our failure to see both perspectives leaves us diminished in our understanding of events and issues that shape us as a people and a nation.  European influences and attitudes toward indigenous people continued to warp our sensibilities, and in a burgeoning North America, we relegated the Native Americans to the role of a conquered people.

vehoae draws from primary source documents to record an alarming history of ‘to the victor belongs the spoils,’ and the resultant reprehensible treatment afforded the conquered.  In a State that believes it necessary to make English our official language, social amnesia is alive and thriving.  Thanks, vehoae, for reminding us there is more to history than the conquerors’ perspective.”

Kitty Pittman, Administrator, OITS, OK Department of Libraries; The Oklahoman’s “Oakie Reads”


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