Michael W. Hinkle – Review of Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia

Michael W. Hinkle, Award Winning Author of "The Butane Gospel"

Mike Hinkle, Author, "The Butane Gospel"

“Balzac is credited with saying “Behind every great fortune there is a great crime.”  As a corollary to this statement, it might be said, “The prosperity of every great nation is founded on a series of great crimes.”  This corollary doubtless applies to the prosperity of the United States.  An impartial judge inquiring into these crimes would find a reasonable summary of the facts in an upcoming book, Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia, by Shirl Yancey who writes under the name, vehoae.

In this scholarly, well reasoned and amply documented work, vehoae assembles and presents a devastating barrage of damning documents.  Beginning with the insatiable greed of the European colonial powers and continuing through the shameful duplicity of the US federal government, vehoae calls on primary sources to illustrate the callous beliefs and actions that prompted and attempted to justify the enormous crimes perpetrated against the Native Americans who she refers to as “The Nations.”

In a modern world where daily lip service is paid to the protection and advancement of human rights, Conscience: as the title suggests, issues a clear call against arrogance and hypocrisy.

The author presents her evidence in a compelling and straightforward fashion leaving the reader to wonder whether it would ever be possible to advance a counterargument.  Vehoae is never strident or hysterical.  She simply presents the evidence and invites the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.  It is clear from the subtext, however, that vehoae is passionate about her subject and she clearly has strong emotional connections to “The Nations.”

Conscience: is an important addition to the body of work shining a light on the powerful and ambiguous mixture of crimes and triumphs that went into the making of the United States of America.  This is a valuable resource for anyone interested in putting modern American prosperity in its proper historical context.”

Michael W. Hinkle
Award Winning Author
The Butane Gospel

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