Greg Rodgers – Review of Conscience: Breaching Social Amnesia

Greg Rodgers at Iowa Nation, 2010

Greg Rodgers, Choctaw Storyteller, Author

“A number of contemporary historians and ethno-historians work diligently toward the re-examination of American history with less ethno-centric bias.  In the same vein as Richard White, Dan Littlefield, James Brooks, and others, vehoae masterfully sets about the task of getting history right.

This book, based on what must have included heroic efforts of research, illustrates the longstanding damage on American history caused by the ‘social amnesia’ of dominant Euro-American culture.  The convenient erasure of American Indian perspective and influence on America’s past is central to the discussion.  Linking primary sources from archival records with a strong understanding of actual Native American history, vehoae strikes a well-deserved blow against authors of revisionist history.

Scholars familiar with Native American issues will find this volume useful in building a better understanding and knowledge base.  Those unfamiliar will find it eye-opening, to say the least.”


Greg Rodgers, Choctaw Storyteller;  Author of “The Ghost of Mingo Creek and other Spooky Oklahoma Legends”;  contributing Author to the anthology, “Trickster: Native American Tales, A Graphic Collection”; One Dark Night in Oklahoma



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