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Sandy Tharp-Thee Honored at Tulsa conference

Opening ceremony

This is a followup to my previous article, “Lifting my friend up high!”.  Earlier this month, the 2012 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The conference was sponsored by ATALM (the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums).

Walter Echo-Hawk

The conference’s Keynote Address was given by Walter Echo-Hawk.  Echo-Hawk, of the Pawnee Nation, is a renowned speaker, attorney, and author.

Throughout the conference’s opening ceremonies, Walter Echo-Hawk’s son, Bunky Echo-Hawk, created an original work of art, showing how tribal museums and libraries preserve history and current events (see above photograph). Bunky Echo-Hawk is an artist, photographer, and writer.

Sandy Tharp-Thee

Sandy Tharp-Thee of the Cherokee Nation, was warmly greeted by hundreds of attendees, as she received the 2012 Library Institutional Excellence Award.  Sandy is Librarian for the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma.

The Iowa Nation complex, located south of Perkins, provides a multitude of services and commerce.  Their Library, overseen by Sandy, is widely-recognized for its work in advancing literacy among young and old, computer skills, resources in employment and health, activities to help preserve the Iowa people’s culture and history, and much more.

Please enjoy this six-minute video (produced by OETA) which gives glimpses of the Tulsa conference: